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holy crap! I havent posted anything here in forever, Im not dead I swear! Ill post something new soon! I hate April 1st....
I am officially opening up for character "cameos" as they are some times called, if you would like to make a wolf that will join Luparia's lupine legacy, just comment on this journal and Ill add you to the list!

Required info
1. Name
2. Age
3. Personality type
4. Character sheet and background info
5. Subspecies
6. any additional info you would like to include

rules and helpful info
1. Keep them natural, these are wolves they should look and act like wolves. please refer to my Wolves of Luparia post for info about individual subspecies
2. When naming your wolf, keep in mind my naming convention. In general, wolves have names that reflect the name of their pack or Subspecies (examples:  by pack... Ragging Coast Pack, wolves- Riptide, Undercurrent, Tsunami, Hurricane; Subspecies... Island Wolf, wolves- Maui, Kawaii, Catalina), however, this is not always the case, if there is a wolf with a name that goes outside this convention, and I like it, I will accept it.
3. I reserve the right to reject any wolves I don't feel would fit in to the story. and please please please, ABSOLUTLY no rip offs of other characters. Originality is very important.
4. The most important rule.... HAVE FUN!!!! be creative and get excited about your wolf!!

Available Packs:
these are current packs available for you to create wolves for, next to the Pack is the number of slots available followed by the Subspecies.... more Packs coming soon

Ragging Coast Pack: (1 wolf) Scrub Subspecies
Horn Rim Pack: (12 wolves) Plains Subspecies
Bird Island Pack: (5 wolves) Island Subspecies
Buffalo Island Pack: (5 wolves) Island Subspecies
Fox Island Pack: (3 wolves) Island Subspecies
Elk Island Pack: (6 wolves) Island Subspecies
Deer Island Pack: (7 wolves) Island Subspecies
Ghost Marsh Pack: (6 wolves) Marsh Subspecies
Algoria Mountain Pack: (10 wolves) Mountain Subspecies
Grey Mist Pack: (5 wolves) Marsh Subspecies
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ok, I kind of find it annoying when people fav my submissions without leaving comments, so PLEASE people...... COMMENT BEFORE YOU FAV!

also, its prolly not nessecary to say that my stuff is mine, but I've seen people have their work stolen, so I gonna go ahead and say it, my work is mine, DO NOT USE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION
Happy Birthday to my little bro, Cane, sorry I couldnt do more for you today :( figured this was the very least I could do since I cant draw well or fast enough to get anything up here for you, anyway, happy birthday bro!!!
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I must say that Chapter one of my story, "Dreams of Paradise" *final name pending*(formally known as Denali) is coming along quite well. Chapter 1 will be entitled "Departure", and in the spirit of the writings I've been doing I will be posting a more indepth look at the wolves that make up the Singing Mountain Pack. I look forward to being able to share my story!

p.s. as a general rule, titles for each chapter will not exceed 2 words
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but I have FINALLY gotten to writing, though I think I may have gone a bit overboard >.> working on three projects at once may be a bit nuts of me, but meh, these three are projects I've been rolling around in my mind for a while now, but yeah, I've actually gotten started :D
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I keep promising myself that Ill get to writing but I either get side tracked by somthing else or I come home from work so draind of creativity that all I wanna do somthing mindless. maybe seeing this every time I sign on to DA will motivate me :P

"My muse is a fickle bitch, WITH A VERY SHORT ATTENTION SPAN!!"
Sander Cohen from BioShock
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got a chance to finally use my new digital camera woohoo! so Ill be uploading about 6 new images
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ok, because I've seen people have art stolen and what not, just want to put this out there. Everything I post here, unless otherwise mentioned, belongs to Island Fox Productions, while all photography belongs to Fox-Wolf Nature Photography. Anything taken, copied, or used without my permison, aka stolen, will not be tollerated. Steal from me and I will find you!
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gah, trying to get some writing done, but it doesnt help when I dont have MS word x_x
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wow, I keep forgetting I have this thing x_x gotta brush the dust off and start useing it more >.<
well, its been a LONG time since Ive been here, but I be back MWAHAHAHA!
Well, today was my first day back to school, YAY ZOOLOGY! Also found out that I should be able to transfer to SUNY-ESF, w00t